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We started TWIGA to not only build a future for our two girls, but also as a sustainable way to give back to our community.

We have fought our way to where we are in life and had to overcome hardships and adversity, and we will never forget the ones who helped us along the way. And now it’s time for us to help others and hopefully provide a voice for the silenced, a helping hand for those who have fallen, and represent those who have been forgotten.

Very great change starts from very small
conversations. Held among people who care.

Margaret J Wheatly

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Every single design we make is for a cause we are passionate about, whether it is in support of MMIWG or the fight for clean water, we stand behind every design.

Our mission is not only to spread awareness, but also to spark conversation. To grow and create real change there must be real conversations had - and we hope to start those conversations through our messaging.

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twiga is community

I came across TWIGA online and loved their designs. After reaching out to them, they were super helpful in explaining the best sizing option and told me they would ship it out within 7 -14 days. They had it done and in the mail in 3 days! And I loved that they had a flat rate for shipping to me in B.C.

Matt Cecrest

As a high school teacher I couldn’t wait for school to start so I could wear my new TWIGA shirts and have one of my students ask me about it!

Mrs. Blackwell

I came into the shop just to see what it was about, man was I ever blown away! I ended up buying 2 shirts and ordering another one. The shirts are so soft and the messaging so thought provoking.

Christy Mackenzie

I have been a TWIGA customer for months now, I bought my children shirts from them as a gift. It was shipped to be in Alberta in a timely manner with a flat rate shipping price. I’ve been very proud to see my kids walk around with such important messaging. I would highly recommend TWIGA to any of my friends and family. And the couple running it are lovely.

Chelsea Sapp

TWIGA provides an alternative outlook on equality, diversity, inclusion and activism.

Sam Crosby

TWIGA isn’t just a design on a shirt, it’s a movement. It is a walking billboard saying “I care about you, you are important.”

Justin Lock

Twiga IS community.